Though the Lord may give you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, yet your Teacher will not hide himself any more.

Isaiah 30:20
History of our Ministers
1946-1952 Robert H. Stamey
1952(June-Sept.) J.M.G. Warner
1952-1957 J. Leo Pittard
1957-1961 W. Q. Grigg
1961-1966 Asmond L. Maxwell
1966-1972 Ray F. Swink
1971-1977 Frank H. Edwards
1977-1983 Charles Page
1983-1986 John J. Miller
1986-1991 Doug Beard
1991-1994 Elijah A. Cockman
1994-1997 Greg B. Gordon
1997-2000 Bill Englebreth
2000-2013 Peggy D. Bridgers
Currently Serving Sheila Bishop and Patience Brumley
2434 Commonwealth Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28205
More About Us
Our Past Ministers
Margie Medure, Church Secretary
Janice M. Rose, Organist/Choir Director
Patience Brumley, Minister of Pastoral Care and Counseling
Steve Kurt, Pastor

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