During the past month of October, we received scriptural counsel through parables that Jesus shared with his disciples. I relate a lot to this type of teaching since I am a teacher. Teachers like to teach with real-life examples and experiences, at least that is how I enjoyed doing it for 20 years while teaching in the classroom. The most interesting thing about this is that we must expose ourselves to the world in which God has put us to live in order to have enough experiences that we can use them as instruments to teach or set an example for others. Jesus, who knows all and knows everything, taught us through his ministry on earth in this way. Exposure to a real world gives us the power to have real experiences to share. Today I recommend that you expose yourself to the real world, to your community, to your family, to your neighborhood, to your church, and to everything that will lead you to have real experiences to share with those who need them.

I will leave you with this Bible verse: Proverbs 24:32 - New International Version 32 I applied my heart to what I observed and learned a lesson from what I saw…

In Christ,

Rev. Pilar Pérez