Well... it has been an interesting week... to say the least.  As I sat down to write this month’s Pastor Walk, an email came across my computer from the Bishop of our Western North Carolina Conference.  When the Bishop sends out an email, you learn quickly as a pastor to make time to read it.  Imagine my surprise when I read Bishop Leeland telling us, the clergy of the Western North Carolina Conference, that he was suspending all public worship for the next two weeks because to the COVID-19 virus.


I can tell you in the five years I have served in this conference; I have never received or even heard of others receiving an email like this one!  Truly, we are in uncharted waters these days and when you are not sure as to where you are going; the best bet is to follow the captain and do what they say.  So... public worship is suspended for the next two weeks at CUMC and let’s all pray that in two weeks we can all look back and say, “That wasn’t too bad.”


The truth is, with this virus, we are all in uncharted territory and we are all left scratching our collective heads and saying how long is long enough... how severe is protective enough... how can we best protect ourselves and our love ones... how many more difficult decision will we have to make in the name of public health and safety?


I was talking with someone about all this just the other day... and the answer is... we do not know.  And to be honest, not knowing, is just a little uncomfortable.  Alright, it is a lot uncomfortable!  Can we just say, it is worrisome and disconcerting and scary!


But... there is good news to be had... even when public worship is suspended for two weeks by the Bishop.  The good news is that Christ still died for all our sins... that we are not alone in our suffering... that the Holy Spirit is just a breath away... that we have been given an awesome new life in the resurrection... that we are, indeed, children of God and loved by God with such magnitude that it boggles the mind!



So, my brothers and sisters in our most magnificent and loving God... when the news gets to be too much... when you are feeling worried and scarred... when things are just a little too unknown and different and not the way they are usually... when you do not know what else to do... pray.


I can guarantee God is just waiting to hear from you... .that in your prayer you will find some rest... some assurance... some comfort.  It may seem dark right now... as dark as it seemed on that day when our savior died on the Cross for us all.  However, a new day will dawn... darkness will be overcome by the light... resurrection will occur.  Remember my fellow Easter people... we are the children of the loving and conquering and ever living Christ Jesus.  And it is this fact which we can all take comfort in and rely upon... and maybe... just maybe... we could all stop buying toilet paper like it was going out of style.



Pastor Steve