When I am camping with my Boy Scouts, I am often the first person up on Saturday mornings.  Usually, because nature is calling but mostly because there is only so long my aging body can sleep on the ground.  I also like to get up and enjoy some quiet time for myself before the craziness of the day begins.



This past weekend, we were camping at Cheraw State Park at a site situated right on the shores of Lake Juniper.  As was usual, I was the first one up on this crisp cool morning so I made myself some hot chocolate and sat and watched the dark waters of the lake gently lap onto the shore line.  As I sat there, the first hints of the sun rise could be seen just over the hill across the lake. 



If you have ever watched the sunrise in a wooded and hilly area you know it takes a while.  First, the sky starts to slowly lighten as cloud formations slowly begin to come into view.  Second, the land starts to transform from darkened blobs and shapes to more distinct forms of trees, hills, valleys and fields.  Then you start to notice the colors in the sky as the sun begins to slowly rise in the east and it is like God is painting the sky with wide brush strokes of red, orange and magenta.  And then slowly... very slowly... you begin to notice the entire world around you is starting to be bathed in light... you still can’t see the sun but the sun is making it so you can see just about everything.  Finally, after all that waiting and all that patience... the sun begins to come into view.  So very slowly it begins to make its way further and further into the sky almost saying... ”Now, your day can begin!”


As I sat there watching and praying, I began to realize our relationship with God is much like the slow unveiling of the sunrise.  We may want God to hurry up and make God’s self known but more often than not, our awareness of what God is doing in our life is discovered in a very slow and often bumpy process.  God’s work is reveled and brought into the light for us in a fashion that is not always on a time line that we would prefer... is not always readily apparent... takes time and observation to fully notice... takes us... slowing down... enough... to pay attention.


How many sunrises do we all simply take for granted or, more than likely, sleep through?  How many times have God’s actions in our lives and in our worlds gone unnoticed or we have been too distracted (asleep) to even see?


God is constantly working in this world.  God is constantly working in each of our lives.  Sometimes we just have to get up a little early before the business of the day begins... make some hot chocolate... sit down... and just watch the work of God unfold... not in our time but in God’s time.


I guarantee... it will be worth it!



Pastor Steve