A friend and I were talking the other day. We both are in Scouting and we both really enjoy backpacking. We, also, would like to do more backpacking not only with our troop but on our own. To be honest, we would both love to become professional backpackers& if there is such a thing. To be really honest& we are both starting to get up there in age. Up there in age where we can no longer throw a ton of weight on our backs and climb every mountain and forge every stream&at least not without a great deal of pain. As our conversation progressed, you know, talking about our gear and how much we can really carry now and how far and fast we can walk& and how many breaks we need to catch our breath and let our hearts stop pounding. We started talking about enough. That is, how much we need to pack as scoutmasters and aging adults that is enough? Enough to cover those scouts who forget something& enough to keep us comfortable&enough to keep us fed& enough to keep us dry& enough to fix any scraps or minor injuries& how much is enough when it comes to backpacking. Because the truth of the matter is&we may be able to buy an 85 liter backpack and fill it to the brim&but we are getting to the age where we can no longer carry an 85 liter backpack filled to the brim! At least not and walk without a limp! How much is enough? God asks us the same question. How much of this world is enough so that we can do Gods work&willingly? How much do we need to be comfortable? How much do we need to provide for our families? How much do we need so that we can find ourselves fulfilled and happy? God is asking us: How much is enough? And, if we are honest, the answer we are receiving in the Spirit is: Not as much as we think! Adam Hamilton has written a wonderful book entitled Enough. In this book, he gives some very sound and no-nonsense ways we can look at our lives and determine for ourselves just how much is enough in the Spirit. So often, we are all looking for happiness in things we can obtain&houses we can buy&cars we can lease&. restaurants we can dine at& adventures we can take. It isnt that any of this stuff is bad. As a matter of fact, most of it can be very good and very life fulfilling&that is as long as we remember to view our stuff through the lens of the Spirit. Something that is much easier to say than to do in our world. We are being bombarded daily with information and commercials and ways of thinking that are telling us that we do, in fact, not have enough& that we need more& more to be happy and more to live a full life. God, on the other hand, has a different message. God has a message of simplicity and singularity& God is enough for us all. We just need to become willing to recognize Gods gift of enough. This fall, I will be leading a study on Adam Hamiltons book Enough. If you are like me and you struggle with the concept of enough. If you struggle with trying to figure out how much do you really need to make it down the trail. If you are struggling with so much that it is starting to weigh heavy on your back and you are wishing to lighten the load but you just do not know how. If you desire to do less your will and more Gods will, come and join us for this study. Come and join us as we learn from Adam Hamilton how Enough can help us to discover joy through simplicity and generosity. Grace, Pastor Steve